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Vintage Ccm Nashville predators Ollie #6 reebok Sz S

Vintage Ccm Nashville predators Ollie #6 reebok Sz S

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The Nashville Predators Ollie #6 Reebok jersey is a high-quality hockey jersey designed for fans of the NHL team, the Nashville Predators. Here are some key points about this jersey:

- **Design**: Features the name "Ollie" and the number "6" prominently displayed on the back, with official team colors and logos.

- **Manufacturer**: Made by Reebok, known for producing durable and comfortable sports apparel.

- **Fit**: Offers a comfortable fit with breathable fabric and reinforced stitching, making it suitable for game days and casual wear.

- **Condition**: Fair condition.

  - **Back**: Small hole between the "O" and "L" in "Ollie," as shown in the last picture.

  - **Sleeves**: Hole on one of the sleeves.

  - **Fabric**: Faded in some places, with marks and pulls.

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